august 2019




Out of the Toolbox is a five-day immersion in dance, choreography, movement, styles and methods. Be inspired at this festival packed with educational and creative workshops, find out everything about new techniques and teaching methods, and return to the dance floor or classroom full of self-confidence and brimming with new energy.

Out of the Toolbox whisks you away to the universe of international performers and teachers. Learn more about their world, observe, try and be inspired! Explore new territory, experience a broad spectrum of styles and, above all, inspire and stimulate each other. And do all that in a relaxed, open atmosphere.

Be stimulated by creative workshops where you explore compositions in depth, expand your vocabulary of movements or learn to work across the boundaries of style. Or why not search for new ways of working with the talent in your class at the educational workshops? Unmissable for new dance teachers and a change of scene for experts with long experience. Pick and choose – there is something for everyone!.

Danspunt has asked the French dancer, choreographer and madcap Mélanie Lomoff to bring her international experience with dancers and choreographers to the workshop festival Out of the Toolbox in Ghent.

We hope you will enjoy the workshops every bit as much as we enjoyed compiling the programme. Welcome to Out of the Toolbox!


Are you a professional dancer or is dance more of a hobby for you? Are you 18 or 88? Have you taken a lot of courses or are you just starting to discover the world of dance? Our workshops are accessible to everyone who is actively involved with dance, irrespective of discipline, age or background. The coaches and choreographers at Out of the Toolbox are used to working with dancers of different ages, levels and experience. The festival brings together an international group of choreographers, coaches, dancers and students to exchange knowledge, ideas and experiences.


Do you want to enjoy the whole festival, choose several days to attend or just take a few workshops that interest you? Everything is possible! At Out of the Toolbox, you are completely free to compile your own programme.

We will start the day with a warm-up and end with a cool-down.

A studio will be made freely available to anyone who wants to get to work on the things they have learned. With the support of festival curator Mélanie Lomoff, this will give you space to initiate a creative process, consolidate the experiences of the day and find out what directions they have inspired you to take. If you want, you can present what you have created during the week at the end of the five days.

Mélanie Lomoff

Mélanie studied ballet at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris. She danced for ten years with the Montalvo-Hervieu company that performs all over the world. Since 2006, she has worked regularly with Les Ballets C de la B (Alain Platel; Lisi Estaras). In 2014 she moved to London and premiered her first full-length solo (2014), ‘Three Studies of Flesh (for a woman)’, which was received with considerable acclaim. She is continuing to work on her own creations or commissions around the world.