august 2019



You can check the schedule below or discover the workshops in alphabetical order.

creative workshop

pedagogical workshop

Wednesday 21/08

Thursday 22/08

Friday 23/08

Saturday 24/08

Sunday 25/08

About the curator


The Slovenian performer/choreographer has been working with dance, movement and performance in a variety of contexts. In this edition of Out Of The Toolbox he invites teachers, who bring their approaches to dance as informed by related practices, environments and contexts, such as: the voice, music, science, the outdoor, video, ability, performance, choreography, theatre, and drawing.

Jurij: ‘When trying out a new cuisine, one can order a variety of dishes, then gather around the table with friends, to taste and to share them. I hope you can have a similar experience with this year’s Out of the Toolbox: that you’ll enjoy the flavours while also finding new tastes that will challenge your palate. Dig in!