august 2019



You can check the schedule below or discover the workshops in alphabetical order.

creative workshop

pedagogical workshop

Wednesday 21/08

Thursday 22/08

Friday 23/08

Saturday 24/08

Sunday 25/08

About the curator

Out of the Toolbox is a project by Danspunt that aims to bring together dancers, choreographers and teachers from Belgium and abroad and stimulate the exchange of knowledge and experiences. That is why we work with international choreographers to curate the programme. Jurij Konjar has compiled the range of creative workshops on offer at this third edition.

The Slovenian performer/choreographer has been working with dance, movement and performance in a variety of contexts. In this edition of Out of the Toolbox he invites teachers, who bring their approaches to dance as informed by related practices, environments and contexts, such as: the voice, music, science, the outdoor, video, ability, performance, choreography, theatre, and drawing.

‘When trying out a new cuisine, one can order a variety of dishes, then gather around the table with friends, to taste and to share them. I hope you can have a similar experience with this year’s Out of the Toolbox: that you’ll enjoy the flavours while also finding new tastes that will challenge your palate. Dig in!’