august 2019



In the lounge on the cozy inner square of Dok Noord you’re mostly welcome for fun initiations: the wildly popular Voguing where it’s all about the pose, a happy trip to the swinging thirties with Lindy Hop and the fascinating Japanese massage form Shiatsu. At the Impro Jam with live music you can conquer the dance floor together with other dancers. Those who prefer to keep it calm can enjoy a lecture about Skinner Releasing Technique. Because we want everyone to go out of the box, the events are free and accessible to everyone. You don’t have to register in advance.

21/8 – Shiatsu
22/8 – Lindy Hop
23/8 – Voguing & waacking
24/8 – Impro Jam
25/8 – Lecture Skinner Releasing Technique

The Lounge ° 16:30 – 18:00 ° Dok Noord, Ghent