august 2019




*FULL* The toddler as teacher – Anne-Lore Baeckeland

Those who can see toddlers as explorers, curious beings who want to understand the world through movement, and those who can rediscover the toddler inside themselves, can experience fantastic dance moments with them. If you have already worked with children from 4 years old onwards you know that there is such a thing as native dancers. Children who are immersed in the world of dance before they reach 7, with a comprehensive range of approaches, develop an open spirit to develop as dancers. In this workshop, we delve deeper into the subject of how the enthusiasm of children can be channelled to a point at which they can discover dance. How can one create educational dance moments which respect for the needs of the young child, who wants to play, explore, create and fantasise? By showing videos and discussing written dance workshops, you finally search for how your favourite dance style can be a basis for dancing with toddlers.

After finishing her studies at the Fontys Dance Academy, Anne-Lore Baeckeland continued to search for an answer to the question of how one can best let children sample dance. She found some answers in the teachings of Freinet, Montessori, and Loris Malaguzi (Regio Emilia), but especially with the toddlers themselves. She shares her experience and tools with lots of passion, giving you many months of continued inspiration to work with toddlers.

°° This workshop is complete! Mail to lene@danspunt.be to reserve a spot on the waiting list. °°

Sun 25/08 11:00-13:00
Wed 21/08 14:00-16:00

Language: nl

Price (standard): € 50
Price (reduction): € 40