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Cherry your ride – Jules Beckman

Presence, Perception, Play, Practice & Performance. These 5 big P’s are the starting points of this workshop that revolves around physical improvisation, fun, animality and adventure.

Starting from some pertinent questions, we deepen our ability to feel, move, see and be seen: how can we create connection between our primal animal instincts and contemporary human life through physical improvisation? How do we gain a fresh perspective on the things that get in the way of free improvisation? How do we rediscover mind and body? What enables us to freely explore and discover? Is it possible to let go of control and let our intuitions flow as a liberating force? Jules Beckman lets you seize the poetry of the moment and transform it into action and creation!

Jules Beckman is an interdisciplinary performing artist and teacher. Originally from the US, he has lived in France since 2002. His work balances at the intersection of dance, music, circus, theater and performance. He has danced and created with Jan Lauwers/Needcompany, Collectif AOC, Mark Tompkins, Sara Shelton Mann, Anna Halprin, Keith Hennessy, Meg Stuart/Damaged Goods and with musicians Arthur H. and Lhasa De Sela, among others. He has taught in the U.S. and Europe, Russia, Mexico and Japan.

Wed 21/08
Thu 22/08

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Jules Beckman dancing