august 2020



Deze workshop is toegevoegd aan je 'favorieten'. Als je naar de inschrijfpagina gaat, kan je jouw 'favorieten' herkennen aan het hartje naast de workshops. Dan kan je beslissen…


Cancelled – Ingo Reulecke – Common Ground, Dance and Music

Four-day Creation Process

We have decided to cancel this workshop. Corona measures do not allow us to organise this intensive creation process the way we and the teacher, Ingo Reulecke, had planned. If you were interested in this creation process, make sure to check Sten Rudstrøm’s ‘Embodying your content – What helps you be present?’ and Joris Camelin’s ‘Moved by voice’.

Join this four-day intensive workshop with live musicians. For those who really want to go out of the (tool)box! In improvisation, it is essential to be aware of yourself, of your partner(s)’ movement and of the music. But at the same time, it is important not to lose yourself in the process. This workshop offers tools to find the right balance between your individual qualities,while at the same time developing the relationship with your partner and the group.

The central focus point in this workshop is the relationship between music and sound, dance and movement, improvisation and real time composition, but above all: the balance between all those elements. That means that neither the music nor the dance takes the lead, and neither one is just an accompaniment of the other, both are equal. Ingo Reulecke offers you a wide range of exercises that help shape your movements and performance. After 4 days of this intensive training, you will master several ways of transforming the present momentum into an alternative artistic form. Together with Ingo you will work towards a short presentation on 22/08.

After an education in contemporary dance, prof. Ingo Reulecke studied choreography at the Hochschule für Schauspielkunst Ernst Busch in Berlin, to which he later returned to be the director of the dance department (2006-2012). His choreographies were awarded numerous prizes and he was invited to many festivals. The production for examples was part of at the German Dance Platform in 1998 in Munich and of the international choreography competition in Bagnolet (France).

Wed 19/08
Fri 21/08
Thu 20/08
Sat 22/08

Language: en

Price (standard): € 200
Prijs (reductietarief): € 160

Ingo Reulecke
  • Accessible for everyone