august 2020



Deze workshop is toegevoegd aan je 'favorieten'. Als je naar de inschrijfpagina gaat, kan je jouw 'favorieten' herkennen aan het hartje naast de workshops. Dan kan je beslissen…


Mirjam Karvat – Gaga, the movement language

Technique, Approached Differently

Lady Gaga? Radio Gaga? No, even better! This workshop is all about Gaga, the movement language that offers you new ways to strengthen your body and become self-aware. Gaga guides your focus on flexibility, stamina and agility, while at the same time lightening your senses and imagination. Gaga not only helps you to detect physical weaknesses, numb areas or physical fixations, but also offers ways to improve them. Gaga connects conscious and unconscious movement, freedom and pleasure, yourself and others.

Mirjam Karvat studied dance at the London Contemporary Dance School until 2006. After graduation, she performed with the New Generations Dance Company in Egypt, before choreographing as a solo artist in an interdisciplinary collaboration in the Theater Aarau in Switzerland. Prior to joining the Gaga Teacher Training Program in 2011, she danced in the musical RENT in Basel (Switzerland). Mirjam teaches Gaga in Israel, Switzerland and Germany.

Sat 22/08
Sun 23/08

Language: en

Price (standard): € 100
Prijs (reductietarief): € 80

  • Accessible for everyone
  • Physically challenging