august 2021




Deze workshop is toegevoegd aan je 'favorieten'. Als je naar de inschrijfpagina gaat, kan je jouw 'favorieten' herkennen aan het hartje naast de workshops. Dan kan je beslissen…


Joris Camelin – Moved by voice

Other voices, other moves

After his unsurpassed appearance in Out of the Toolbox 2020, we expect Joris Camelin again in 2021! This workshop takes you back to the essence of dancing and using your voice: a celebration, a ceremony of being together, but also a social and political act. Joris Camelin invites you to breath, discover your voice and move away from conventions and judgements. He leads us beyond movement and music, beyond technique, body vocabulary or body language. You will sharpen your senses so that you can surrender to yourself, the space, the others, the group and most of all: to the pleasure of dancing and using your voice. 

Joris Camelin is a French dancer living in Berlin. For the last 20 years, he has been working on the international scene with choreographers such as Meg Stuart and Laurent Chétouane. From circus to tango, from mime to ballet or opera singing, his path is very eclectic. He gives nowadays, in parallel to his career, breathing, movement and voice workshops around Europe. 

Wed 18/08
Thu 19/08

Language: en, fr

Price (standard): € 110
Prijs (reductietarief): € 90

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  • Accessible for everyone
Joris Camelin