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Serious play – David Hernandez

In this five-day workshop by David Hernandez – curator of the festival, you dive into a daily practice centered around improvisation and the concerns connected to improvising. With playfulness you explore different methods – connecting to the senses and how they nourish us in improvisation. We consider readability and collaboration-performing practice, we practice performing, scoring, and freewheeling. Improvising is something you have to do on a daily basis, rigourously, in order to gain experience and develop the skills of being an improviser. But above all, it’s fun!

For Out of the Toolbox we will have the opportunity to work with two musicians in the last days of the workshop and participate in an improvised performance with live music at the closing of the festival.



Wed 21/08
Thu 22/08
Fri 23/08
Sat 24/08
Sun 25/08

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David Hernandez