Out Of The Toolbox is a five-day immersion in dance, choreography, movement, styles and methods. Be inspired at this festival packed with educational and creative workshops, find out everything about new (teaching) techniques, and return to the dance floor or classroom full of self-confidence and brimming with new energy.

Out of the Toolbox whisks you away to the world of international performers and teachers. Plunge into the universe of international artists and teachers, explore new territory, experience a wide spectrum of styles and gain new inspiration, all in a relaxed, summer atmosphere in the friendly city of Ghent.

You will have the opportunity to study composition more deeply, to extend your vocabulary of movement and to learn to work in different styles. As a teacher you will get inspiration to nurture the talent of your students. Indispensable for the new dance teacher, or something surprisingly different for an old hand.

OOTTB 2023 © Rudy Carlier

For whom?

  • Are you professionally involved in dance or more recreational?
  • Have you already completed numerous training courses, or are you still exploring the world of dance?

We design the Out of the Toolbox program each year to ensure that everyone actively engaged in dance, regardless of age, level or background, has multiple options to delve into it. Additionally, we select instructors who are accustomed to working with dancers of various ages and diverse levels and bodies. Their approach ensures that this diversity enriches all participants.”