august 2020



With the coronavirus keeping us all at home, we are looking forward to the summer more than ever. To a summer when we can meet up and share things in real life. To a summer full of dance, and not just in our own living rooms. We are looking forward to fun times with our friends and family, to getting out of our homes and even out of our comfort zones, finding new inspiration with like minds from all over the country and hopefully people from abroad as well.

Welcome to our fourth edition of Out of the Toolbox! With great enthusiasm, Danspunt presents the programme for 2020. The dance workshop festival, which will be held from 19 to 23 August 2020 in Ghent (Belgium), will once again present a varied programme with top teachers from all over Europe.


Early birds receive a discount until 31 May! And don’t worry: if you register now and anti-coronavirus measures get in the way after all, we will refund 100% of the price you have paid. So don’t let these uncertain times spoil your plans for the summer!


Out of the Toolbox is a five-day immersion in dance, choreography, movement, styles and methods. Be inspired at this festival packed with educational and creative workshops, find out everything about new techniques and teaching methods, and return to the dance floor or classroom full of self-confidence and brimming with new energy.

Plunge into the universe of international artists and teachers, explore new territory, experience a wide spectrum of styles and gain new inspiration, all in a relaxed, summer atmosphere in the friendly city of Ghent.

You will have the opportunity to study composition more deeply, to extend your vocabulary of movement and to learn to work in different styles. The teaching workshops will provide you with new tools with which to nurture the talent of your students.

Do something OUT OF THE comfort zone!


Are you a professional dancer or is dance more of a hobby for you? Have you taken a lot of courses or are you only just discovering the world of dance? The Out of the Toolbox programme is designed to provide various options to explore for everyone who is actively involved in dance, irrespective of their age or background. What is more,
the teachers we choose are used to working with dancers of different ages and a range of levels. Their approach ensures that this diversity enriches the experience for all participants.


Do you want to enjoy the whole festival or just pick out a few workshops? You are completely free to compile your own programme. There are 17 different workshops consisting of 1, 2 or 4 days. Because the teachers build up their workshops, and in order to create a dynamic group, it is not possible to attend just one day of a two- or four-day module.

After much demand, we have changed the programme so that the workshops this year take up five hours instead of four. Our curator this year is Anne-Lore Baeckeland.

The programme consists of six themes that offer the opportunity to investigate and shape dance and movement from another perspective:

  1. Music and Dance
  2. Improvisation
  3. Educational Tools
  4. Technique, A Different Approach
  5. Urban Reset
  6. Four-Day Creative Process