august 2021


This was Out of the Toolbox 2021! Enjoy the aftermovie for a little retrospective of our summer dance workshop festival. Thank you to all the enthusiastic participants, inspiring teachers and committed staff! Would you like to join (again)? The next edition is from 17 to 21 August 2022, see you then!


Out of the Toolbox is a five-day immersion in dance, choreography, movement, styles and methods. Be inspired at this festival packed with educational and creative workshops, find out everything about new techniques and teaching methods, and return to the dance floor or classroom full of self-confidence and brimming with new energy.

Plunge into the universe of international artists and teachers, explore new territory, experience a wide spectrum of styles and gain new inspiration, all in a relaxed, summer atmosphere in the friendly city of Ghent.

You will have the opportunity to study composition more deeply, to extend your vocabulary of movement and to learn to work in different styles. The teaching workshops will provide you with new tools with which to nurture the talent of your students.

Do something OUT OF THE comfort zone!


Are you a professional dancer or is dance more of a hobby for you? Have you taken a lot of courses or are you only just discovering the world of dance? The Out of the Toolbox programme is designed to provide various options to explore for everyone who is actively involved in dance, irrespective of their age or background. What is more,
the teachers we choose are used to working with dancers of different ages and a range of levels. Their approach ensures that this diversity enriches the experience for all participants.


Do you want to enjoy the whole festival or just pick out a few workshops? You are completely free to compile your own programme. Check the programme here.


“I am Samir Calixto, and I am very pleased to be your curator for this year’s Out of the Toolbox Festival edition. Let me introduce myself… I am a choreographer, born in Brazil, and currently living and working in The Netherlands and in Italy. I have been creating works in the European dance scene for over a decade. My work is very much centered on discovering what moves people, but my interests in art as a human form of expression go way beyond that. Music, literature, philosophy, and spirituality often inspire me and inform every step of my artistic ventures. Seeing art as a form of development for us, people, I firmly believe that we all share a common ground, and with that a common responsibility towards each other.

In that sense, I see the curation of this year’s festival as an extension of this vision. The program has been carefully assembled to provide a wide range of experiences to you, embracing all levels. It offers all kinds of shades in the palette, giving every dance lover the opportunity – regardless of experience or background – to express themselves through the powerhouse which is the body. The teachers I invited not only represent the best in the field of movement and education, they are also passionate, experienced and generous people. Each one of them understands that their classes are most importantly an open space to share experiences on a joyful, yet profound level.

During five intensive days, I am glad to offer all sorts of encounters and experiences: from fresh, stimulating approaches to contemporary dance practices; to movement styles stemming from Africa, Asia and our urban centers; plus an array of workshops focusing on inclusive dance and essential tools for dance education. Every module is a highlight, especially the very unique four-day creative process workshop with the outstanding Zappalà Compagnia di Danza and their Movimento Democratico – their perspective on dance has revitalized the entire dance culture in Italy by engaging people and community together.

After the past year, we all feel really ready to dance again, collectively and boundlessly. I sincerely hope to, together with our special team, provide everybody with a space for experimenting, playing, learning and growing, so we can nourish not only our body, but our complete selves during these days we will spend together in the beautiful city of Ghent.”