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Groove it till u move it – Aina Lanas

Explore your body according to the principles of urban dance, clubbing, hip-hop and waacking*. These styles not only require complex coordination, lots of musicality, dissociation and rhythm, but also include deeper concepts such as self-expression, identity, character and storytelling with your body. All these elements come in handy in any dance style to make your performance and your presence extra powerful. So bounce on those beats and search for your inner groove!

The workshop is very open in structure and slowly builds up in different parts. There is time and space for technical exercises, contextualization, improvisation and self-exploration. You will learn to translate the basic principles of urban dance styles to your own movement language and way of composing.

Dancer, choreographer and movement director Aina Lanas has trained in classical dance, urban and contemporary dance in Spain, USA, Japan and Senegal. Her main interests focus on improvisation, choreography and visual storytelling. She has worked as a performer and co-creator with companies such as Kulbik, Cirque du Soleil and In Motus. She also directs her own company Cia Aina Lanas and creates dance videos. Her latest project Desasosiego received three awards at the Homescreen Festival in San Diego: Best Choreography, Best Short Film and Grand Award. She teaches at the Institut del Teatre and works in music, TV and advertising as a dancer and movement director. 

* Waacking is a form of street dance that emerged at the time of disco in the LGBTQ clubs of Los Angeles. Typical are the rotating arm movements and the emphasis on emotions and expressiveness.


Photo: ©Claudia Herran

Woe 21/08
Do 22/08

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