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Serious fun – Rafa Jagat

Do you like to dance with a smile on your face and your eyes open wide, looking at the world around you? Then this workshop by Rafa Jagat is for you. Technical perfection is not important to him, joy and authenticity all the more.

The driving force of the workshop is the game element, but with Rafa Jagat you play a game that you cannot lose: mistakes are allowed, failures are actually a form of success. Anything goes, as long as you put your heart and soul in what you do. Jagat lets you dive into your imagination to create improvisations, dance and movement. In doing so, he mixes inspiration from theater with the abstract universe of movement.

Rafa Jagat is an actor, dancer, performer, director and playwright. He is trained in dramatic arts and physical theater. He expanded his knowledge of the language of movement by attending various workshops within a variety of disciplines. He danced with the companies Mey-Ling Bisogno and Omos Uno, but also created performances with his own companies JAGAT MATA and ELELEI (in collaboration with Sabrina Gargano). With the renowned choreographer David Zambrano, he worked on the improvisation project Two songs for two humans. As co-founder of EXIN, he organizes workshops dealing with movement throughout Europe. He also has experience as a director and playwright with several circus companies (Som Noise, Papaya, Encuentros).


Vrij 23/08
Zat 24/08

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