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The busy body – Janet Novas

Exploring the limits of your creativity and maybe even pushing them, that’s what you can do during this two-day workshop by Janet Novas. Explore, spark your curiosity, discover new possibilities, and take risks without fear of mistakes or failure.

Without realizing it, we are constantly surrounded by things that can spark our creativity. How can you better observe and take full advantage of the inspiration you get that way? How can you transform your ideas or thoughts into movement? How can you create space for your truth to blossom? These questions – and especially the search for possible answers to them – have helped shape Janet Novas’ path as a performer and maker. Based on her experience, she has developed a series of exercises that will help you stimulate the power of both your imagination and your body.

The workshop consists of two parts. In the first part you warm up based on the repetition of small exercises that will develop over the course of the class. Little by little you feel your physical energy increase, your body becomes freer and you discover new possibilities. The second part focuses mainly on personal work through improvisational exercises in which you constantly question yourself and learn to break your patterns.

“We will work from the detail, from the small, from the simple and even from the void. Visualize reality to the finer details and dive into the game, let your imagination run wild, change the rules, dare to go to the extreme.”

Janet Novás (1982) is a dancer, teacher and maker from Galicia. She studied contemporary dance in Madrid, Brussels and Berlin. In 2008 she began to develop her own projects. Her work starts from observation, experience and dialogue with her body. In doing so, she chooses a personal language, emotional content and aesthetic simplicity. Her creations have been shown at prestigious festivals and have received several awards. received awards. As a performer, she has worked with renowned choreographers and companies such as Lisi Estarás (les ballets C de la B), Daniel Abreu, Pablo Esbert Lilienfeld and the Spanish flamenco dance group Arrieritos, among others.

Photo: ©Tristan Perez Martin

Vrij 23/08
Zat 24/08

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