august 2019



Do you want to enjoy the whole festival, choose several days to attend or just take a few workshops that interest you? Everything is possible! At Out of the Toolbox, you are completely free to compile your own programme.

We will start the day with a warm-up and end with a cool-down.

A studio will be made freely available to anyone who wants to get to work on the things they have learned. With the support of festival curator Mélanie Lomoff, this will give you space to initiate a creative process, consolidate the experiences of the day and find out what directions they have inspired you to take. If you want, you can present what you have created during the week at the end of the five days.

You’ll find the time schedule below. Or discover the workshops in alphabetical order.

creative workshop

pedagogical workshop

Wednesday 22/08

Thursday 23/08

Friday 24/08

Saturday 25/08

Sunday 26/08