august 2023


Last edition, Out of the Toolbox was curated by Los Informalls.

Curator’s welcome

Like every year, Danspunt invited a curator to put together the festival’s program.

This year we chose Los Informalls, not only because their workshop at last year’s edition was such a success, but also because we completely agree with their credo: “if everyone would dance more, the world would be a better place.”

Los Informalls is the creative brainchild of Luis García and Pere Joseph who say they operate between dance, theater and the unknown. They create work that is accessible and sensitive, but which also displays a great deal of humor and social commitment.

They are two professional improvisers, versatile as a Swiss pocket knife, who like to play with the boundaries of social conventions and what is politically correct.


A letter from Los Informalls

“As artists, we see it as a fundamental pillar to shake ourselves loose from the environment in which we find ourselves, both inside and outside the studio. This approach also underlies the program we put together for you: We want to bring an earthquake in the city of Gent and provide participants with a full experience that stimulates all their creative instincts.

To do that, we invited a wide range of professionals who have inspired us in one way or another throughout our careers. People we knew and people we didn’t know, emerging dancers and artists who have been dancing since long before we were born.

The result is a mix of artistic visions that range from the purest dance, the craziest performance and the freshest improvisation, accessible and valuable to anyone, regardless of their background.

It was a big challenge and a huge responsibility to choose who we would invite, but we believe that this edition of Out of the Toolbox will be a real bomb for the brains and bodies of the participants.

Together, all the guests represent the different pillars on which we base ourselves as artists. So if you feel like diving into a bath full of inspiration, don’t hesitate to come dance with us. Leave your shyness and preconceptions at home: we guarantee you lots of fun, sweat and dancing in the purest Los Informalls style!”

All the best and dance you soon! Luis and Pere
Los Informalls