Samir Calixto will teach you how to get your class’s artistic juices flowing. He will give you the tools you need to engage your students in composition, to create unconventional forms of movement and to tailor your choreography to your target group. To this end, he draws on other artistic disciplines and sources of inspiration, such as music and literature. Which is ideal for teachers-in-the-making or for teachers who are looking for new techniques to use in their dance classes.

Samir Calixto (Brazil/The Netherlands) was trained in several disciplines: he studied drama and trained to be a singer in São Paulo. For the most part, he is self-educated in the field of dance. It did not take long for him to receive significant recognition. He has won awards in Brazil and Europe. Nowadays he focuses on dance and choreography full-time. With his performances, he tours throughout Europe and further afield in countries like Senegal and North Korea. Calixto teaches at Codarts, Rotterdam.