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A dialogue between resistance and resolution – Tijen Lawton

Let yourself move and be moved through a dialogue of resistance and resolution!

Inner drive is your energy, through which you become more aware of your body and how you choose to express yourself through movement. A workshop and creative process open to everyone who is interested in moving and being moved through engagement and interaction with different bodies, energies, and thoughts.

During the workshop, we will engage in a physical dialogue of resistance and resolution. This entails the ability to accept the flow of energy, as well as a clear determination and intention to listen to yourself, others, the ground, and the space.

Through the exploration and play of both simple and intricate exercises and proposals—choreographic, improvisational, and performative—we will research touch, resonance, impact, imprint, traces, collision, and compression, eventually evolving towards a natural performative presence, through what you leave and what you gather.

Through the discovery of a dynamic movement language, we will research the embodiment of sensory awareness of our own physical possibilities. Exploring and practicing individuals’ internal sensations in relation to their physical structure and spatial energies will allow us to discover the relationship between the smallest level of activity within the body and the largest movement of the body, projecting physical and emotional flow.

Tijen Lawton is a professional dance artist whose primary occupation is dance. Her work merges performing, teaching, mentoring, coaching, researching, and co-creating in diverse artistic and academic contexts. She studied at the Arts Educational School London, The Place LCDS London, and The Juilliard School New York. Her main body of work spans over a period of 30 years. For 15 years, she was a constant presence in all of Jan Lauwers & Needcompany’s work, performing, creating, and touring worldwide. Among others, she has also performed and collaborated with Caterina & Carlotta Sagna, Mauro Paccagnella, Wooshing Machine, Pierre Droulers, Erika Zueneli, Claudio Bernardo, Rebecca Lenaerts, Greet Vissers, Kunstz, Mokhallad Rasem, Marco Torrice, Lisaboa Houbrechts, Andrew Graham en laGeste. Films: Goldfish Game – Jan Lauwers / Nico Leunen, Ma Mère I’Oye – Thierry De Mey / Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker, After The Trojan Women – Cristina Dias / As Palavras, Ruin – Lore Loyens / Timur Magomedgadzhiev.



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