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Archives of the body – Douglas Becker

For more than half a century, William Forsythe has been a pioneering and lauded choreographer, operating at the intersection of ballet and contemporary dance. For twenty years he headed the renowned Frankfurt Ballet. Dancer Douglas Becker was there from the beginning and experienced Forsythe’s research and working methods up close. So there is no one better to take you on a deep dive into the concepts that inspired Forsythe and formed the basis of his oeuvre. In this workshop, Becker will let you discover new ideas, formats and perspectives about dance at the intersection of ballet and contemporary choreography.

Archives of the Body is about the process, research and practice of dancing and becoming a dancer. Each day begins with a quick and easy ballet warm-up to get moving and then work together.

Douglas Becker has danced with Joffrey Ballet in New York, the National Ballet of Canada, Dallas Ballet and Frankfurt Ballet. He studied with Maggie Black, Rudolph Nureyev, Erik Bruhn, Melissa Hayden, David Howard, Marjorie Mussman and Fleming Flindt, among others. His own choreographies have been seen on major stages in Europe and he has taught at P.A.R.T.S., several American universities and conservatories in Paris and Lyon. His work and research reveal a great passion for new forms and ways of thinking about dance.



Wed 21/08
Thu 22/08

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