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Dynamic movement system – Colas Lucot

In cooperation with Emilie Jacomat

The class will draw inspiration from how David Hernandez – curator of this year’s festival – approaches technique and his dynamic movement system, emphasizing efficiency and clear direction in the body and movement.

We’ll explore various elements such as gravity, weight, and momentum, aiming play with rather than resisting them. Through a series of exercises, dancers will focus on different physical concepts, encouraging them to feel, consider, adapt, and practice before engaging with physical dance material. The goal is to establish connections between the exercises and dance phrases, understanding the objectives and the path to achieving them.

Colas Lucot started classical dance at the age of 12 at Evelyne Agullo’s dance school in Vesoul. Two years later, he was allowed to go to the CNSMD in Lyon, under the direction of Jean-Claude Ciappara where he worked with Marie-Françoise Garcia, Anne Martin, Juliette Beauviche, Philippe Lormeau, Thomas Enckell, Deborah Salmers and Geneviève Reynaud, Marion Ballester, Yuval Pick, Julien Monty, Odile Duboc, Michaël Pomero, David Drouard and Gaëtano Battezzato. In 2009, he joined the CCNN under the direction of Claude Brumachon and Benjamin Lamarche, and in 2010 he was hired at the Ballet Preljocaj, CCN Aix-en-Provence. Since 2011, Colas has worked mainly in Brussels alongside David Hernandez. He gets his inspiration mainly from personal encounters.



Fri 23/08

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