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Moving views – Maya Dalinsky

Imagine using your phone not only to take selfies or watch videos, but also to create art. In her workshop Moving views, Maya Dalinsky lets you use your smartphone to capture the world around you in a new way while dancing.

The technique she uses is that of videowalking: a mix of filming and dancing. On your phone you see a video of the space you are in. While dancing, you try to follow the movements of the camera and match the image with your surroundings. But Maya’s workshop is about much more than just filming, it is a creative process of dance, improvisation and performance – also without your phone or a screen – in which you feel and experience all kinds of things. In doing so, Maya pays attention to group formation, changing perceptions and multiplying physical, social and emotional spaces.

Maya Dalinsky is a dancer, multimedia artist, researcher and translator. For nearly a decade, she has explored how the ubiquitous recording, archiving, dissemination and consumption of video footage impacts how we understand our bodies. She explores ways in which dance, the body and technology can come together. What are the implications? What do we gain and lose as technology increasingly fuses with our senses? How do we move from the virtual to reality, and what transformation do we undergo in the process?



Sat 24/08
Sun 25/08

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