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Sensorial Shape-Shift – Rafaela Sahyoun

Sensorial Shape-Shift is a movement workshop dedicated to accessing and expanding a repertoire of senses through mechanisms of perception. Evolving from somatic exploration, participants engage in guided improvisations, experiential anatomy practices, imagery, and touch. Stimulating the body and its relationships by scanning information from inner and outer connections.

Playfully and sensitively, participants experience a broad spectrum of shape-shifting situations, cultivating an authorial, negotiable, collective, and physically sustainable process.

The two-day Sensorial Shape-Shift workshop is part of Rafaela Sahyoun‘s practice The Body The Player The Journey.¬†She is a dancer, choreographer, and educator committed to artistic and pedagogical projects that evolve through ongoing research and shared practices. Actively collaborating with artists, researchers, students, and art institutions in Brazil and internationally, she has a strong inclination towards hybrid formats of multicultural collaborations in dialogues with multidisciplinary fields.



Wed 21/08
Thu 22/08

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Rafaela Sahyoun