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Set material practice – Renate Graziadei & Arthur Stäldi

In this workshop, Renate Graziadei and Arthur Stäldi of the laborgas collective will introduce you to specific movement material from their repertoire so that you can give it your interpretation and integrate it into your own style.

It is not their intention to just impose the movements on you, on the contrary: every body, every space, every moment and thus every performance is unique. The intention is mainly: to try out, discover your personal approach and share experiences together. By repeating movements, refining their logic and interpreting them again and again in different constellations, we see how dance creates a dialogue with ourselves and with each other.

Austrian Renate Graziadei completed her dance training in Switzerland and New York. She has worked with various companies and choreographers such as Nina Wiener Dance Company, Rui Horta and S.O.A.P Dance Theatre Frankfurt, COAX, Sasha Waltz and David Hernandez. In 2010, the magazine ballett international/tanz aktuell named her the best dancer of the year. Together with Arthur Stäldi, she founded laborgras. The collective explores contemporary dance, interdisciplinary experimentation and movement research. Stäldi worked for several state theaters in Switzerland and Germany. He has realized numerous international projects with laborgras as well as with other artists and choreographers, including David Hernandez. He has worked as a dancer, teacher, choreographer and dramaturg for more than 20 years.



Wed 21/08
Thu 22/08

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Renate Graziadei & Arthur Stäldi