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The Dots – Aleksandra Janeva Imfeld

“To create and perform spontaneously or without preparation,” that’s improvising according to the Oxford Dictionary. But even in complete freedom you often fall into known poses or familiar patterns. How can you recognize and embrace those habits, while at the same time take the chance to reset your movement? With The Dots, Aleksandra Janeva Imfeld developed a method to do just that: to let go and try out new movement possibilities without inhibitions. For Aleksandra, the space around the body is a blank canvas on which you can draw starting from different points. With simple ideas, she shifts the focus from body parts as the engine of a movement to very specific points in the body from which something new can emerge. Her exercises build your self-confidence and bring you into a flow where decisions and movements spontaneously follow one another.

Aleksandra Janeva Imfeld – born in Macedonia, raised in Croatia – studied dance in Zagreb, Bruges, Vienna and New York. During the postgraduate a.pass (Advanced Performance and Scenography Study) in Brussels she developed the working method The Connector: a form of collective authorship that she uses in all her works. She has danced with the likes of Ismael Ivo, Anna Mondini, Système Castafiore, Brice Leroux, David Hernandez and is a co-founder of Nomad Dance Academy. She teaches her movement research The Dots at SNDO Amsterdam, ISAC Brussels and Dance Academy in Zagreb. In addition to her physical practice, she also draws inspiration from creating murals and collaborating on dance-related films.



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