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Poetic anatomy – Elena Córdoba

Anatomy divides our body into different parts in order to understand the total structure. Elena Córdoba has also begun to divide her attention between small zones of the body in an attempt to make the impossible possible: to allow our inner self to shine through in our movement. She searches for that which anchors the body to life, that which makes the body who we are.

This workshop is actually a form of inner dissection: starting from movements, we try to get a better understanding of the different forms and functions of our body. Imagine for a moment that we start from the perception of the muscles of our arms, of our throat or of our eyelids. Each of these structures represents a different kind of sensitivity, and therefore a different kind of action. In this workshop we listen to the different parts of our body – one by one – to let them be, to allow them to move us.

Elena Córdoba is a dancer and choreographer. In her work, she starts from a detailed observation of the body. She sees sense as a form of knowledge, and dance as an externalization of it. In 2008 she started Anatomía poética, a cycle consisting of works and studies around the interiority of the human body. She is currently focusing on the relationship between the body and nature as part of Ficciones Botánicas, a study and creation project around the world of plants and the choreographic laws that play a role in them.

Wed 21/08
Thu 22/08

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