Save the date for the second edition, 22 – 26 August 2018 in Ghent! Dance workshop festival Out of the Toolbox will give you, the teacher, the methods, inspiration and confidence to take a creative approach to and with your dancers. Will you dare to turn your familiar techniques inside out and take a brand-new approach to teaching?

Out of the Toolbox also offers a lot to dancers who enjoy being creative. In addition to our educational modules, we have a whole host of creative modules. Come join us at this innovative dance workshop festival, where you will meet new people and discover new styles and methods, not to mention your own potential!


We will be welcoming over 15 teachers and choreographers, from at home and abroad, each with their own backgrounds and styles. They are looking forward to working with you and they are expecting people of all ages with different levels of dancing experience. So don’t worry whether or not you will belong. There is something for everyone.


Do you want to experience the entire festival, pick certain days or just go on a few interesting workshops? The choice is yours.

You are free to design your own programme for a day or for the entire festival.
In the MORNING you can choose from:
• Invigorating yoga ‘Don’t be moody, shake your booty’ with Mariam
• ‘No pain, no gain’ with dance specialists and physiotherapists Bjorn and Sam

In the AFTERNOON you can choose from:
• Various educational modules in which participants look for new ways to approach the talent they discover in their classrooms
• Creative modules in which you will study compositions, build your ‘movement vocabulary’ and learn to work in a way that combines different styles
• A whole host of workshops in which you will benefit from the most amazing dance combinations, styles and methods
The modules entail various sessions held over several days with the same teacher, whereas the regular workshops are intensive sessions that last 2 hours.

IN THE EVENING you can hang out at our cocktail bar, VELCRO, have something to eat and enjoy the atmosphere.