august 2019




AFRICAN TANGO – Mike and Sofie

Rolling hips, a firm embrace, sensual footwork… no wonder the Angolese dance style kizomba has sometimes been called “the African tango”. Kizomba has also conquered dance floors around the world in recent years, along with salsa, semba, bachata and zouk. Mike and Sofie of the Kiff Dance Academy have also been bitten by the kizomba bug. They can’t wait to let you try this popular, sensuous dance style.

Mike started dancing as soon as he learned to walk in his home country, Senegal; as a child, Sofie just couldn’t keep still when she heard music playing. So it is no surprise that the two of them fell head over heels in love when they met at a salsa party in Ghent eight years ago. Hardly anyone had even heard of kizomba in Belgium back then. Together, Mike and Sofie created their own ‘urban’ style of this sensual African dance, incorporating elements of tango, hip hop and salsa. The couple have been teaching for more than seven years now: they have set up their own school and organise the Midi Station Kizomba Festival in Brussels every year.

This workshop consists of one session of two hours. 

Sun 26/08 14:00-16:00

Language: en

Price (standard): € 25
Price (reduction, members): € 20