august 2019




CONFI-DANCE I – Roberto Pani

How can we use movement and dance to encourage children who are struggling? How do you deal with children with attention deficit disorders in your lessons? How do you give them self-confidence, a sense of self-worth and the opportunity to express negative emotions without feeling judged or guilty?

This workshop will give you theoretical and practical tools for dealing with this target group and challenging them as well. Find out simply and playfully what creative and expressive possibilities the body can offer. Each session ends with a short analysis. This will give you even more insight into the process and the tools you have learned.

Roberto Pani, also known as “Bobo”, is trained in both classical dance and African, jazz and contemporary dance. Besides his work with renowned companies such as Dance Continuum, Afrodanza and Montalvo-Hervieu, he also teaches at international level and works as a dance therapist for people with physical and mental disabilities.

This workshop consists of two sessions of two hours. You can also sign up for the same workshop to be held on Saturday 25/08

Fri 24/08 11:00-13:00
Fri 24/08 14:00-16:00

Language: en

Price (standard): € 50
Price (reduction, members): € 40