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Improvisation in your lessons – Caroline D’Haese

Using improvisation in your dance lessons will allow you to create material, build up a feeling of belonging in the group and rehearse performance quality. It can also help to adjust a lesson and to respond to the needs at that time. In this workshop we evaluate how you, as a dance teacher, can use improvisation elements in your lessons in a playful manner so your dancers continue to access their involvement, self-confidence and own artistic voice, and how you can continue to teach with inspiration. In the morning we sample the force of the various manners of improvisation; in the afternoon we respond to questions and situations from your own teaching practice. Together, based on improvisation, we look at possible scenarios which you can take home.

Since finishing her studies at The London Contemporary Dance School, The California Institute of the Arts and the Belgian Higher Institute for Dance in Lier (Belgium), Caroline D’Haese (BE) has created her own choreographic work. For some five years she has performed with Reckless Sleepers. Apart from that, she cooperates with artists from different disciplines for and with various target groups. She became a lecturer at, among others, the Royal Conservatoire in Antwerp in 2005, and helped to develop the Dance Master programme. In recent years, together with Natalie Gordon, she has been researching the role of the use of language in dance education as well as evaluation processes. At this moment, Caroline is shaping the workspace p l a y g r o u n d s, where residencies, concerts, training and workshops take place in rural Lede.

Wed 21/08 11:00-13:00
Wed 21/08 14:00-16:00

Language: nl

Price (standard): € 50
Price (reduction): € 40