august 2019




Skinner release technique: dancing from within – Ana Stegnar

Skinner Release Technique (SRT) is a pioneering approach to dance, movement and creative process that has evolved from the principle that when we release physical tension, we can move with greater freedom, power and articulation. Created by Joan Skinner this technique is a somatic practice focusing on personal, kinaesthetic experience of essential principles of movement. The result can be a deeply embodied awareness of new possibilities in how we move – both inside the studio as dancers and creators, and in daily life.

Ana Stegnar (SI) currently lives in Belgium. Ana has been teaching dance and improvisation for almost 20 years. She studied contemporary dance at CNDC in Angers (France) and dramaturgy and theater scienceat UCLouvain (Belgium).  She has danced for Ultima Vez and created dance theater pieces for Les BGM.  Certified in Skinner Release Technique, she integrates it into her research on imagination, perception and states of consciousness.

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Sun 25/08 11:00-13:00
Sun 25/08 14:00-16:00

Language: en

Price (standard): € 50
Price (reduction): € 40

  • articulation
  • power
  • release physical tension
  • somatic practice