august 2019




Traces in motion – Julien Bruneau

Dance is a craft of movement, drawing is a craft of leaving traces. What if we crossed over these two perspectives? Through experiments such as drawing collectively, with closed eyes, using several pens in each hand, or by tracing sounds, we will explore drawing as a physical activity, as a field of experience. No prior drawing skills are needed. By considering trajectories, lines of tension, textures and resonances in movement, we will play with how dance leaves traces in space – the mobile bodies designing diagrams that could be lived as temporal drawings.  

Julien Bruneau (BE) is a Brussels based dancer, choreographer and visual artist. At the intersection of movement, drawing and language, his work investigates the dynamic interplay between interiority and collectivity. As a teacher, his work has been introduced to various, often hybrid groups of professionals, amateurs and art students.

If you are participating in this workshop, you may also enjoy Andrea Keiz.

Sun 25/08 11:00-13:00
Sun 25/08 14:00-16:00

Language: en

Price (standard): € 50
Price (reduction): € 40

  • appearing/disappearing
  • experience
  • process
  • space
  • witnessing