august 2021



Deze workshop is toegevoegd aan je 'favorieten'. Als je naar de inschrijfpagina gaat, kan je jouw 'favorieten' herkennen aan het hartje naast de workshops. Dan kan je beslissen…


Milan Tomášik – Happy feet / Playful presence

On the contemporary move

Playfulness, rhythm, responsibility and fullness are the keywords in Milan Tomášik’s work. This workshop combines technical exercises with creative compositional work. The first part – ‘Happy Feet’ – focuses on dance from many perspectives: rhythm, melody, lengthening, speed, stamina, spinning, jumping, the coordination of different body parts and the relationships between them. The second part – ‘Playful Presence’ – deals with performing: how to remain present and alive in any given situation? How can you express yourself by exploring different body tensions? How to make the most of your body’s virtuosity without overstepping your boundaries? Seriously playful, playful seriously!

In 2004 Milan Tomášik graduated from P.A.R.T.S. He immediately mesmerized audiences with his solo works. As a co-founder of Les Slovaks Dance Collective, Milan created several pieces which toured worldwide. In 2014, he founded his own company: Milan Tomášik & Co. He works with dance academies, professional companies and festivals throughout Europe, China, Congo and Mexico.

Thu 19/08
Fri 20/08

Language: en

Price (standard): € 110
Prijs (reductietarief): € 90

  • Accessible for everyone
  • Physically challenging
Milan Tomasik