august 2022


Deze workshop is toegevoegd aan je 'favorieten'. Als je naar de inschrijfpagina gaat, kan je jouw 'favorieten' herkennen aan het hartje naast de workshops. Dan kan je beslissen…


Stanislav Dobak – dance & camera

In the contemporary art scene, dance is increasingly mixed with elements from other disciplines and media. In doing so, the various forms lift each other up and produce a result that is versatile and surprising. Stanislav Dobak is an expert in combining dance with, for example, performance, installation and video. It is not for nothing that he is called the “dancing cameraman”.

In his workshop, you will discover how to use dance and movement as a medium to explore the relationship between the body and the lens. How can you frame the camera, how can you direct the viewer’s gaze, how do you make direct artistic choices? Stanislav Dobak’s creative exercises and the dialogue between the participants will stimulate you to further develop your own ideas. After this workshop, all your questions or doubts about cross-genre collaborations are sure to be solved!

Dobak graduated from P.A.R.T.S. in 2010. After more than ten years of dancing and creating choreographies all over Europe, he asked himself the question: “What interests me as an artist?”. From that moment on, he started looking at dance through a different ‘lens’. With his partner Jamie Lee, he founded Memoryhouse Productions, an interdisciplinary collective that creates performances, installations, film and photographs for theatre, galleries and site-specific spaces. Their work has been shown at the Cinedans Festival, Charleroi Danses and the Athens Video Dance Project, among others. 


Wed 17/08

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Price (standard): € 55
Prijs (reductietarief): € 45

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