august 2021



Workshops per theme

Our curator this year is Samir Calixto. The programme consists of six themes that offer the opportunity to investigate and shape dance and movement from another perspective:

1 On the contemporary move

This module is for everyone with an interest in the dynamic physical work so typically associated with contemporary dance, but is accessible for all dance disciplines. Leading teachers and choreographers introduce you to their style. Get to know new tools while engaging in active and rich movements. Experience or level doesn’t matter, as long as you are open and curious!

Jiří Pokorný – Contemporary Composition & Improvisation
Milan Tomášik – Happy feet / Playful presence
Manfredi Perego – A transformative landscape

2 Other voices, other moves

There is more to movement than the physical aspect. In these workshops you are invited to explore unique ways of working and to experiment with elements like the voice and the breath. You will be mindful of how the body is a whole instrument, unified by its multiple senses.

Joris Camelin – Moved by voice
Marco Bendoni Nartak – A dance step through the ages
Quentin Roger – The colors and dynamics of your breath in movement

3 Exploring urban and ethnic territories

The power of rhythm is narrowly connected to dance. In this module you can connect with elements of powerful dance styles that were born either in our streets or in faraway places, but which are now awakening wide interest with movement enthusiasts worldwide. From urban to African styles, rhythm is key!

Sheyda Darab – Urban theatre
Junadry Leocaria – Make your own Waacking-style
Kossi Sebastien Aholou-Wokawui – Contemporary Afro-African Dance

4 Nourishing teaching tools

Once in a while, refreshing your artistic toolbox becomes essential, also for teachers. The workshops in this module are aimed at everyone who wants to expand their horizons on how to move, to learn, to teach and to inspire. Dance lovers meet to share their passion for dance and to get inspired by some of the most experienced and gifted teachers in their fields.

Irena Jeričević – From Basic to Advanced Through Pilates Control
Louise Frankenhuis – Modern Dance Toolbox: a Human Journey
Joan van der Mast – Laban Movement Analysis and dance creation

5 Inspiration & inclusion

Dance is an art of infinite possibilities and embracing all sorts of people and experiences is what keeps its flame alive. This module gives space to everyone who wants to exchange experiences with people whose bodies and life stories might have faced some obstacles, but who nonetheless have an abundance of enriching views to share.

Andrew Greenwood – Switch2Move Method: A New Gateway Towards Mental & Physical Conditioning
Anne-Gaelle Thiriot – Inclusive dance with Candoco Dance Company

6 Immersive experience: inside a creation process

The name says it all: this special module will guide you along the path of a creative process. We will experience this intensive and enriching journey through the unique work of the celebrated Sicilian based Compagnia Zappalà Danza and their Movimento Democratico: a vision on dance that embraces the physical and human potential as a tool for personal and social transformation.

Compagnia Zappalà Danza – MoDem / Movimento Democratico